Summer is Rooftop Season in Washington DC

I’m aware that my blog updates have been poor lately. Or non-existent, in fact. In part, this is a result of an intense work period that made me basically lock myself up in my office for three weeks after I came back from the Dominican Republic. But also because it seemed dull to post writings and photos of my everyday life in Washington DC after my week in the Caribbean paradise. But I guess it’s time to admit that this is my life here and that it doesn’t get more exotic than this, and that if I should keep this blog alive, I have to post non-adventurous posts now and then.

A pleasant discovery once I existed my office in late May was that summer had finally come to the U.S. East Coast. And in Washington DC, that means that people start gathering on rooftops around town. Drinks, BBQs, or just a relaxing afternoon – everything is better on a rooftop with a view! Here is the view from my friend Anna’s rooftop, at the top of Meridian Hill Park in North West DC:

Capitol Hill U.S. Congress

Washington MonumentCapitol Hill and Washington Monument


Summer Season is Food Season

Summer is definitely my favorite season. I don’t think there is a single thing about summer that I don’t like, not even when it’s around 30 degrees and greenhouse humid in DC, as it’s been these past days. (At least it’s warm, and the sun is out now in between the thunder storms!) A really great thing with summer is of course all the good fruits and vegetables that are available (and not shipped from greenhouses across half the world). I just rediscovered alfalfa sprouts. We used to grow them in the kitchen when I was little, and they are delicious with cream cheese on crisp bread! And then yogurt with strawberries to make the perfect breakfast. I love summer!




It’s warm outide but I’m not sure what happened to the sun? The rain and thunderstorms have been hanging over DC since I got back, and will continue to do so for the better part of next week according to the weather forecast. Since I’m still working for a few more days, it’s alright. Today I’m off, though, and I’m going to Union Market with Swedish Monika. Hope you all have a nice weekend too, sun or no sun!


Summer Plans

I have been planning my summer today. Or the summer is of course here already, but I will not be off until July. I was on skype with Miss T we finally decided to spend almost a week in the South of Europe. I also plan to have a week or so in Stockholm, to just be in my little apartment, enjoy Summer Stockholm, and spend time with my close ones. And then, this evening, I registered for a three-day conference on Food in history in London. The program includes topics from food culture to food trade, from stories in the Bible to the evolvement of fast food. I am so excited! Miss  T sighed and said that she wished that she was equally excited about her job, but I barely see it as a job. I am simply working with my main interest. I realize that I am very fortunate!

After my stay in Europe, Jonas and I will go on a long-planned road trip through the South. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid and read about Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, and later about the American Civil War, and after last year’s road trip through the National Parks in the West (see August 2012 in the blog archive), Jonas and I decided that this summer, we would explore the South. But first, I am off to Montenegro for work next week. And June in Podgorica is lovely, with all the restaurant terraces filled with people enjoying the warm evenings in each other’s company. and with wonderful seafood freshly fished from the rivers and the Adriatic Sea. So though I have a very busy 1.5 weeks, with a conference over the weekend, I really look forward to the trip.


Late summer evening in Stockholm last year