Buy a Bottle – Save the World!?

I am not sure if this phenomenon exists in Europe, but here in the US, a number of “socially responsible” brands have popped up lately. With every bottle of water that you buy, you support the provision of clean drinking water to people around the world. Starbucks sold Etho’s Water (natural spring water) claims they help children get access to clean water, and One Water helps build water pumps in playground format throughout Africa. Without having done any type of research, I am convinced that you do more good by drinking tap water instead of buying that bottle that drains water sources, distorts balances in natural habitats,  consumes non-renewable resources through processing, bottling, transport, and waste management, contributing to global warming and ultimately diminishing water resources in large parts of the world. So if you really want to secure clean water for people across the world, stick to tap water. And if you do not like the taste or if it contains chemicals, use a filter!

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         I got this bottle at a lecture. Should probably have left it there…

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