Valentine’s Day in DC: Chocolate and a Proposal

If anyone missed it, it is St. Valentine’s Day today, and the U.S. is decorated in red and powdered with sugar. It is impossible not avoid the hype around this day. Even our lunch cafeteria at work sold roses and heart shaped sweets, and everyone greeted Happy Valentine’s!! After talking to a few of my colleagues, it was however clear that this day isn’t that celebrated among  non-Americans here in the U.S. I, on the other hand took it as an excuse to treat myself to Godiva chocolate and think I will finish this day with an episode of Pride and Prejudice.  And the proposal? Well, though the intent was declared, let’s just say that in a parallel universe it might have taken place…. Curious??? It was a lot less serious than it might sound! Happy Valentine’s to all of you!!!

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