To not Have Mikael Complaining Next Time I See Him

Yesterday, my Swedish friend Mikael complained that my blog is boring because I never post anything new, so I guess I should make more of an effort to keep it updated. Not that anything really exciting happens right now. So to have anything to post, I took a photo of Mikael when we had coffee and he felt compelled to show a chocolate box that he bought from a girl collecting money for after school activities.



This has been a very calm weekend. Mr. M is in Armenia for a few weeks and as usually, that means that I have to put in more of an effort to schedule social activities, which I am a bit too lazy to do. Fortunately, people in my surrounding are more active than me, so I didn’t sit home all weekend. Friday, I was out for drinks and dinner with Mikael, Åsa and Daniel (a Swedish-Swiss couple, which is very confusing for many here as a lot of Americans are not fully aware that Sweden and Switzerland are actually two different countries.), and a few friends of theirs. And yesterday, Fernando came over to my place to practice some songs together. Fernando used to study classical guitar for many years, and so we decided to do something together, with me singing and him playing. Yesterday, we practiced a piece by John Dowland (16:th century). I have never really sung renaissance music before and it was MUCH more difficult than I expected. (Mainly because the guitar does not follow the melody at all and the notes of the melody are often not on the same beat as the chord for the guitar.) But once we started getting some parts together, it sounded great and so it was fun practicing. After the practicing, we met up with Mikael again and went for dinner. Fernando and I were both completely exhausted though, from the concentration during the practice, so it was an early evening.


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