Is My Separation Anxiety Getting Worse?

While I am not sure it is altogether a bad thing, one of my more inconvenient sides is that I hate when people disappear out of my life. Not everyone, but people that I am close to, or that have been close to in the past. Geographical distances are fine (otherwise my adult life wouldn’t have been possible), and so is not having frequent contact, as long as I know that the people that I am close to are there somewhere. However, if I feel like people who are important to me are drifting away, I find it difficult to let go. The worst is when someone that I used to be close to, but have lost a little, moves to another place, because then I know that I will never have a chance to get back the relationship that we once had. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen that often.

Yesterday, I went to make a long overdue appointment with my hairdresser Bryce at a salon a block away from me. Apart from being amazingly cool (he looks more like a biker than a hairdresser!), Bryce is also the only hairdresser I have ever totally trusted. I know it is such a superficial thing, but I feel really vulnerable and exposed when someone cuts my hair. Except with Bryce, whom I completely trusted in whatever he suggested. I hadn’t been there since January, and when I came in yesterday, I was met by the news that Bryce had moved away a week ago. Not to another salon but to Florida! It came as a complete shock to me, and for some incomprehensible reason, I felt totally down for several hours after. I thought I’d get more jaded with age, but it seems like my separation anxiety is just getting worse. Is there any cure for this? Even I recognize that it’s a little ridiculous at this point!

And just to add to all my friends out there: I miss you lots!!!

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  1. Miss you too. Have you been up to Toronto or Niagara Falls yet? I haven’t been to DC in a while, but I will definitley let you know when I am there.

  2. Yes, please come down and visit in DC – that would be great! I have plenty of room in my apartment for guests. And no, Toronot and Niagra Falls are still on my to-see list. Would love to come soon if you are still there – we should plan! Take care and hope to see you soon!

  3. Saknar dig med!! Och jag tycker inte det är en dålig egenskap att reagera när folk försvinner ur ens liv, bara mänskligt 🙂 kram!

  4. You are right, it is difficult to keep in touch but definitely worth trying hard.

    So I wish you a very happy birthday even though I am a few days late. I hope you are well and enjoy life …

    Maybe you even still remember me, it’s been quite a while since we met.

    All the best and take care
    Fulko … now in Indonesia

    • Fulko, amazing that you still remember my birthday!! And agree with you, it is worth keeping in touch with people, so thank you for checking in on my blog now and then! BTW, what are you doing in Indonesia? Take care!

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