So I have had guests here these past weeks. It is lovely that so many are coming to visit. During my two years in Moldova, Jessica, Jonas, and Mia with her husband came to visit. In fairness, Andreas also dropped by but mostly because he was in Romania and I wasn’t the only person he visited. Now, after 1.5 years here, I have already had 12 people visiting! Although I though Moldova and Chisinau very nice and exciting, I guess Washington is a somewhat more attractive tourist destination…

Anyway, I am so glad everyone is coming! A few weeks ago, Tesse came to visit for a week. Like I wrote below, we spent the weekend in New York, but we also had some great days in Washington with a lot of focus on dinners and shopping. It was around 40 Celsius though for a few days (around 100 F) so things were a bit slow for us.

July 2010 001

Tesse in Alexandria

July 2010 029

Takeaway from Five Guys

About a week after Tesse left, Eva-Marie and Julia came to visit for a few days.  Eva-Marie and Julia were my neighbors were I grew up and I used to babysit Julia and her brother from when she was about three months. But now she is an adult and both she and Eva-Marie are like family so it was lovely to have them here. We spent a lot of time walking around in the city and just catching up. When I hear about Julia’s life, I sometimes wish I was 23 again – life was so free and undecided then!

July 2010 032 Lunch at La Fourchette in Adam’s Morgan

July 2010 033 Eva-Marie at La Fourchette

July 2010 034 Julia and Eva-Marie at the weekly DC event Jazz in the Garden

July 2010 036 At Jazz in the Garden

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