Friday Evening on 16th Street

I rarely check out the Swedish evening press, but I did so tonight and it made me realize how long I have been away. I don’t really recognize the famous people they write about anymore. Or maybe I am just getting old and not keeping updated on new celebrities?


It is Friday evening and I am cleaning and doing laundry. It is not as sad as it sounds. I am waiting for Jenny-O, a former colleague of mine who is coming down from NY this weekend. And since I am normally a bit messy, I am trying to get my apartment in order before she arrives. (I have to add though that the laundry room was worryingly busy tonight compared with last time I did laundry, which was on a Sunday afternoon!) In a minute, I will start preparing waffles. (Yes, I do cook from time to time.) Jenny-O won’t get here until midnight so we will just stay in tonight and have late night tea. Tomorrow will be a day for sightseeing and going out. I am looking forward to showing someone my new hometown!


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