Almost Famous

Well, not really as my friend Daniel who is on the front page of one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers SvD, today, announcing in an interview that he is done with writing books. Daniel wrote his first novel by the age of 23 and published his third book two years ago. By giving up writing, I think he is depriving Sweden of what would have been one of its greatest authors of all time.

My own appearance in the media is more modest. Last fall, I was contacted by the editor of a student/early career magazine (Perfect Match – and yes I know, it does sound like a dating site), who asked if I would be interested in writing about my job. Every issue, they have a couple of (semi-) young persons writing a journal for one week, describing what they do at work. I was in the Western Balkan when the request came so it was quite an interesting week to write about.

But then I did not hear anything for a long time. The editor told me that he would send me a copy of the magazine, but nothing came in the mail, and I did not see any new issues on their website. In the end, I just assumed that the didn’t survive the financial crisis. But when going through old e-mails the other day, I found an e-mail from the editor and I decided to check out their website again. And there it was! So for all my Swedish friends, check it out issue number 4 (p. 25) if you are interested!


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