Another Sunday Morning

It is lazy Sunday morning. As usual, I am having breakfast at the little bakery Firehook on Q and Connecticut, which is one of the few places in DC where you get your coffee in a mug (yet more than half the guests in here insists on drinking their coffee in paper cups!). And as usual, I am not blogging in real time. I thought about getting a mini-computer just to be able to fit it in my bag and bring it with me all the time (not just for blogging of course but for e-mailing and other writing). But I have not yet convinced myself that this is not unnecessary consumerism (I am sure it is just a matter of time though) and thus I am sticking with my notebook and pen for a while. For now I am trying to push myself to invest in some more furniture – my apartment is still a quite empty.


A pen, a notebook and a coffee


My favourite breakfast place, just a few blocks from where I live 


In the meantime, Washington is preparing for inauguration. It is like the whole city is simmering with excitement and enthusiasm. Stands and platforms are being built, houses are being decorated, and streets are being closed off. It is a good feeling and I am happy for people here. Like I wrote earlier, around 90% in the District voted for Obama (and apparently he had much stronger support here than Clinton did), so it is not just the new president coming to Washington; it is their president coming!


The house across the street from me with decorations and a banner supporting Obama


A banner welcoming Malia and Sasha


It is not a celebration for everyone though. The other day, someone in my building put up

this note next to the lift: “Republican – must go by January 18” and a list of furniture for sale.


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