Washington Movie Cavalcade

I recently got a membership with Blockbuster which I have been using frequently since. (One of their stores just around the corner from me.) In these past few weeks, I have been interested in films about Washington and American politics in modern history and watched three in a row: Frost vs. Nixon, W, and Bobby. Frost vs. Nixon was quite good, and the parts with Nixon were interesting, but overall, the movie was a bit too Hollywood for my taste. It was almost more interesting to watch the extra material about the story behind and to see the real interviews with Nixon, than watching the movie itself.

W, about George W. Bush, was better, though they needed more time to tell the story, especially that of him being elected president and what happened after in the administration. But I guess it is because it was a movie and not a documentary.

Bobby was the one that I can really recommend. It was not at all what I expected (I thought there would be much more focus on Bobby Kennedy himself, instead it is a story about the people who were in the Ambassador’s Hotel on the night when Kennedy was shot) but it was beautiful and it still managed to give you the impression that Bobby Kennedy truly was a great man. And as you might have seen on this page, my favorite quote is by him:

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and say why… I dream of things that never were and say why not?”

Here is the last part of the movie Bobby with one of his amazing speeches that is still too relevant.

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