Followed by Dan Brown?

Or am I following him? Regardless of which, he seems to be writing books about the cities that I live in. The Da Vinci Code was mainly set in Paris, Angels and Demons in Rome, and now The Lost Symbol is from what I understand set here in DC. The fun part about it is of course that when I read the first two books, I was able to picture exactly where Brown’s hero Professor Langdon was running/sneaking/crawling around, whether it was in the Louvre, in Saint Sulpice, in the Vatican, or on and around Via del Corso. The boring things is of course that only the city changes; his stories remain the same. More or less anyway. I have to admit that I was entertained when reading the Da Vinci Code, and I got a bit curious about the story of how Emperor Constantine supposedly shaped modern Christianity. I, however, quickly got  bored when I read the same story again in Angels and Demons (which I think was his first book). I will probably end up reading the Lost Symbol just because I live here in Washington and because I for the past year have walked around in the city staring at the statues and monuments, wondering how they came about, and been amazed by the Freemasonry Temples (I have one just across the street). I am not exactly running to the bookstore to buy the book though. I am however really looking forward to Brown’s next Langdon story that according to this pattern must be set in Chisinau!


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